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Hydraulic Division

The hydraulic system manufactured by our company has diversified structure and widespread use,and includes both conventional electro-hydraulic control hydraulic system and high-end proportion hydraulic servo control system. Max. working pressure is up to 100MPa; Max. volume is up to 20 m; Oil cleanliness is up to NAS6; Hydraulic system is widely used in water conservancy, heavy industry, metallurgical industry, general industrial, walking mechanism, material transport/mining machinery, Marine and port facilities ,etc. ; In succession, the company has provided products for Shanghai Baosteel Group,China First Heavy Industries (CFHI),Hebei Handan Group, Shanxi Taigang Co. , Ltd., Changsha Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiuli Group CO., LTD, Changzhou Weicun Water Conservancy Bureau, Changzhou Nangang Port Machinery CO., LTD, Changzhou Tongli Machinery and Electrical Equipment Manufacture CO., LTD,etc.,and created a good social benefit and enterprise economic benefits.

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Add: Guzhuang Industry area, Benniu town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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