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The processing technology of skiving roller burnishing has the rough boring ,fine boring and rolling for the inner hole of cylinder body completed at one time.Greatly improves the production efficiency; The production efficiency is 10 times more than that of the traditional honing processing manner .

The processing technology advantages of skiving roller burnishing. 

Improve the wearability of the inner wall of the cylinder; Have the inner surface of cylinder achieve mirror effect (JIS82 Ra = 0.03 ~ 0.2 microns). Effectively avoid the burns caused by the traditional grinding process ; Improve the surface corrosion resistance and fatigue strength.

Some parameters reference

Suitable material:Hot Rolled Pipe &Cold Drawn Pipe              

Processing Methods:Single Rotation Double Rotation          

Power of main motor :20KW~200KW

Boring Diameter:Φ32mm~Φ630mm           

Boring Depth:300~15000mm         

Dimensional Precision:IT7~IT8

 Surface Roughness: Ra 0.03~0.2μm

Clamping MethodsCone Disc Clamping               

CNC Control System: FANUC System or Mitsubishi System      

Power Supply380V·50Hz±10%

 Prve:Deep hole drilling machine


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